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Tattoo Removal Solutions

Welcome to Tattoo Removal Solutions.  Here you will find helpful information on all the latest methods for removing tattoos.  Below we recommend companies that have been researched to do a good job with tattoo removal.

Welcome to Tattoo Removal Solutions. Even though tattoos are meant to be permanent, tattoo removal cream sometimes later in life situations change and there becomes a desire to remove our tattoos. There are many varied solutions for tattoo removal available. This website will provide you with helpful information on all the latest methods related to tattoo removal today.

Here Is a Brief Overview of the Most Current Methods Today for Tattoo Removal:

This list is not meant to be complete in terms of all possible solutions for tattoo removal.  There are new methods being develped each day.  The specific benefits, risks and results will vary for each person.  It is highly recommended you speak with an experienced tattoo removal professional or physician before making any decisions.

  • Fade Away Methods

The least painful and cheapest method for the removal of tattoos are the fade away methods.   As with all methods, this will work for some and not for others.  This generally involves the use of creams.  It can take several months of use with these creams before results start to show up.  But for many this can be a very effective tattoo removal solution and much less expensive than other solutions.

One of the most popular companies that make tattoo removal crfeams and fade creams is Wrecking Balm. Their system is a simple three-step process that takes just 3 minutes every other day to gradually fade away or remove your tattoo. The Wrecking Balm System combines an FDA approved dermal device along with chemical exfoliation to safely remove the upper layers of the skin and break up the tattooed ink pigments.

Another company in this fade category that makes a product that works for many people is Tat B Gone.

  • Surgical Methods (Excision)

With this process the tattoo is surgically removal (or excised).  Generally, a local anesthesia is applied to the area prior to the surgery.  There is still usually some pain and definitely pain afterwards, during the wound healing process.  After the tattoo is cut out the skin is sutured back together.  This process is generally considered after all other alternatives have been exhausted. This is more costly than the Fade Away creams.

  • Laser Treatment

The use of lasers is the most common means of getting rid of an unwanted tattoo today.  With modern laser technology amd highly trained healthcare profesionals, it is considered the most effective and safest means for successful tattoo removal.  Like all other methods, results will vary from one patient to another.

The cost of tattoo removal can be quite expensive, but the results can be quite dramatic and for many the cost is justified.  A single visit can range from $200 to $1,000 depending on the tattoo.  With this process a laser is used to penetrate break up the ink and over time these pieces are cleared away by the immune system.   It is not uncommon for blisters and scabs to appear during treatment and even have a scar at the end.  Generally several treatments will be required and the process can take several months.  The length of time it takes to remove the tattoo will vary depending on factors like: the color of ink in the tattoo and how quickly your skin heals after each treatment.  There can be pain associated with this treatment and often a local anesthesia is recommended.

  • Intense Pulsed Light Method

This method for tattoo removal is one of the newest technologies.  It works similar to the laser treatment but a gel is rubbed over the tattoo.  It is much less painful that laser treatment and can have faster results.  However the cost is higher than laser tattoo removal.  It is for this reason it has not replaced the more traditional laser method.

  • Scarification

With this treatment the tattoo is removed with an acid solution.  This method is not used much today as it is an older treatment.  In this process the chemical causes several layers of skin to peel off.  It can be painful and quite uncomfortable.

  • Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion involves abrading (or sanding) the skin with special sand-paper like tools.  This is a method that is not used as much today with the advent of the newer laser technologies.  Dermabrasion works a lot like the chemical peel in that it removes the top layers of skin.  As you can imagine it is painful and can leave scarring.

  • Cover or Camouflaging

Camouflaging or covering a tattoo involves the injection of new ink pigments either to form a new design or cover an old tattoo.  There are skin colored inks and if done right can cover the old tattoo effectively.  Sometimes it is hard to match the exact color of the skin tone.  The price usually is close the cost for a regular tattoo.  The discomfort level is also similar to that of getting a tattoo.


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