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Tattoo Cover Ups

Here are some great ideas for tattoo cover ups to change a tattoo you no longer want to live with

Tattoo regret is something that becomes more common as we get older. It is estimated that 50% of people that have tattoos, for one reason or another, want to get rid of them. There are many different methods for tattoo removal today. The two most popular and common are laser removal treatments and tattoo removal creams. However, there are varying degrees of success with each of these methods. Because of that, another solution is to consider tattoo cover ups.

Tattoo cover up is a choice many people seek out when they just can’t live with a particular tattoo. Tattoo cover ups are usually much faster than complete tattoo removal. They are especially popular to change or cover over tattoos with the names of past loves that a person no longer want to be reminded of.  Sometimes a tattoo that seemed so right at the time a few years later becomes something you just can’t live with. Perhaps you have a tattoo that has faded and you feel no longer looks very good. Well there are solutions for all of these situations in the form of what are called a tattoo cover ups.

One solution to get rid of a tattoo of names or letters is to try and have the letters changed so they read something else. The tattoo artist can re-ink the area and come up with  new letters over the old ones. We have heard that Johnny Depp, the popular character actor, had his tattoo that read “Winona Forever” changed so that it became “Wino Forever”. You can really get creative with this. So talk it over with your tattoo artist and they probably have some great ideas.

Another solution to cover up tattoos is to use a design as a cover that has a lot of intricate detail. Tribal tattoos are often a good choice. Because of their detail and colors, they can often blend and cover old tattoos very well. Ask your tattoo artist about placing a tribal tattoo over your old tattoo. This solution can often yield very good success. Here’s where you can go to view a good selection of tribal designs and unique tattoo designs that would work well as tattoo cover ups.

Another solution would be to use a tattoo cover makeup. This is obviously something that would not be permanent, but there are certain make up products that work well for this on a temporary basis. If you chose this solution you want to make sure you use a concealer, neutralizer or cover specially designed for tattoos. Here is a company that makes good tattoo makeup designed for concealing tattoos.

A final suggestion is to consider having that tattoo re-inked. That would work of course if you still like the tattoo, but don’t like the way it has aged. The old tattoo can be retraced and filled in with brighter more vibrant colors to improve its look. As your tattoo artist for suggestions on how they can give you a new cover up design artistically inked over the old one.


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